A financial fear, conquered

Why did Eunice come to us?

Eunice was unfortunately widowed in her mid-60s. It was shortly after the sad death of her husband that she started to work with us.

Eunice had led an interesting and fulfilled life, including work in the film industry, where her editor credits included A Passage to India. This meant that, in the main, her husband took care of the finances and Eunice consequently lacked financial confidence, and, to a degree, knowledge.

How did we help?

Whilst, in reality, Eunice had sufficient funds to live very comfortably for the rest of her life, she also had a fear of spending her capital and running out of money when she needed it most.

This fear was impacting on Eunice’s lifestyle and her quality of life.

What has changed in Eunice’s life?

We worked with Eunice and gradually got her to understand that, with careful planning, she wasn’t going to run out of money. And, more importantly, she could do everything she wanted to do.

This financial freedom has resulted in Eunice continuing to live in Italy and indulge her passion for travel. She is currently planning a trip to the Galapagos Islands and she has already visited South Africa many times.

After working with us she now spends money sensibly, but without worry, safe in the knowledge that she won’t run out and can live out the remainder of her life to the full.

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