From adversity comes security

Why did Robert come to us?

Robert had experienced financial difficulties in both his business and personal life.

In his late 50s this meant he was concerned about his financial future, worried that the capital that remained wouldn’t be able to see him through the rest of his life.

How did we help?

Losing a business so close to the end of his working career meant Robert would always struggle to find a new position at the level he warranted. He had saved and invested so had some funds to support him as he moved closer to retirement.

However, he was nervous these would ultimately prove to be insufficient.

Working through our process we mapped out Robert’s future, which included the payment of significant sums to extract himself from the difficulties he was in at the time.

What has changed in Robert’s life?

We helped Robert to understand that he didn’t need to work. We showed him that he could travel, continuing to do the things he loves without the fear of running out of money.

In the past six months he’s been to Caribbean, South Africa and Dubai with his new partner safe in the knowledge that his financial future is secure.

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