It’s our belief that experiences matter more than objects.

Remember the thrill of finally getting the shiny new toy? At some point it stopped being new and shiny. The same doesn’t apply to that amazing trip you took with your family. The trip may last for only a few days, but the memories you create will bring you greater happiness throughout your life than the gadget you picked up last week.

And the reason we believe it…whatever you have to do to gain self-knowledge, whether it is with our help or not, do it.

Find out who you are and what you want. Then you can stop wasting your life, energy and your money on things that don’t matter and start making financial decisions that will get you to your true goals.

Client stories

A financial fear, conquered

Eunice was unfortunately widowed in her mid-60s.

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Financial security & family time

Rachel, in her early 50s, had recently divorced...

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Retiring far sooner than thought

Kelvin had worked as a lorry driver for the majority...

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From adversity comes security

Robert had experienced financial difficulties in both...

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