As well as being a Chartered Financial Planner, Stuart is also one of only 30 Masters of Life Planning in the UK.

Awarded by the Kinder Institute of Financial Planning, their method of financial planning is based on the premise that a planner needs to understand your goals, before producing a financial plan.

The Kinder method trains advisers to ask carefully thought through questions, and then listen to the answers, to ensure that your goals are accurately identified. This means we will challenge your existing thinking. We won’t always accept your first answer either. We will dig deeper until we really find what matters, that’s how we build an effective financial plan.

Once your life’s goals have been identified, Stuart will then use all his skills, knowledge and experience, to produce your financial plan Unlike many advisers, we don’t just focus on numbers, performance and products. They are of course important, but in the end, subservient to the long-term financial plan.

After working with us, you can get on with living your life, secure in the knowledge that your finances are well organised and in safe hands.