Financial security & family time

Why did Rachel come to us?

Rachel, in her early 50s, had recently divorced and her finances were in a state of flux and unmatched to her life in general.

Rachel has not looked after her own financial planning since being married, as her ex-husband was the financial controller in their marriage. Following her divorce, Rachel was understandably fearful and uncertain as to what the future held for her, would she have enough money to be secure for the rest of her life and could she and her son, James, still do all of the things in life they wished for.

How did we help?

In common with many of our clients Rachel was referred to us by her solicitor.

The sharing order granted by the court, and her own pensions, left Rachel with several issues to solve, in addition to being unsure of where she was heading, financially speaking at least.

We used the financial life planning EVOKE Process (Exploration, Vision, Obstacles, Knowledge, Execution) which ultimately allowed us to put a long term plan in place, which will allow Rachel to organise her life in such a way that she can be there for James, as he approaches his GCSE’s. This will not only mean that she can give James the best chance at a successful start to life, it will also give Rachel precious time with her son, before he reaches an age where perhaps spending too much time with mom isn’t cool anymore.

What has changed in Rachel’s life?

By organising her life, to be able to fulfil her objectives, Rachel can spend precious time with James now, without being affected by financial worry.

Rachel has also been able to include many other things in her plan, which she had not known previously would be possible; in short, Rachel now has choices.

The EVOKE process and our financial planning enabled Rachel to cut through the financial fog following her divorce, understand where she was and have confidence that she can be where she wants to be, long term.

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